jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009


There have still not been any confirmed cases of the H1N1 Influenza “A” virus in Belize but according to the Ministry of Health, surveillance remains high at the border points and around the country. Some thirty cases that were being considered as “cases of interest” or “suspected cases” have been sent to CAREC for testing and all the results so far has been negative. While neighboring Mexico is recording a decline in the number of infections, heightened surveillance and the maintenance of good hygiene continues to be high priority for health officials worldwide. The Commercial Free Zone was reopened today after being closed for more than five days. But the bars and restaurants at the casino remains closed. According to the Director of Health Services, Dr. Michael Pitts, here at home they continue to discourage mass gatherings to avoid any possible threat of the pandemic in Belize. A release from the Ministry of Health says a mass gathering that places us at risk is those events that allow congregation of 200 or more persons in an area with limited ventilation for greater than two hours and where people are brought from many different geographic areas that are far removed from each other.

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